Where to find me on the internet

It’s 2016! So as it’s the start of another new year I thought I’d do a little bit of housekeeping on my blog. The layout and look of the site might be changing once I figure out what I actually want it to look like so apologies in advance for any weirdness and technical difficulties.

Also I thought I’d just say where else you can find me on the interwebs in case you want to follow me anywhere else.

My handle is @ElenaM52 and I love discussing films and books there. There’s also ramblings about my everyday life too.

My handle is elenasquareeyes. I go through stages of being addicted to Instagram and sharing photos almost every day and then other times I can go weeks without posting anything. My Instagram is mostly made up of books and my friend’s pets.

You can follow me here. I’m still getting to grips on following people via bloglovin’ but I’m liking having my posts accessible elsewhere and easier for people who don’t use wordpress.

You can find me here on LetterBoxd. I have only very recently signed up to this site after seeing a lot of my Twitter friends use it to keep track of the films they’re watching – I’m still figuring out how it all works. So if you are interested in what I’m watching (because it sometimes takes me a while to update my Films of… lists and even longer for reviews to appear) then you can follow me on there!

Let me know if you follow me on any of the above!

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