REVIEW: 10 Years (2011)

10 years posterOn the night of their 10 year high school reunion, a group of friends reconnect and realise that in some ways they haven’t grown up and some may never become what they wanted to.

10 Years has a really big cast but the way it follows these characters over one night gives everyone their time to shine and you get to look into all these people lives. Some of the bigger character storylines in the plot include Jake (Channing Tatum) who meets his high school sweetheart Mary (Rosario Dawson) for the first time in years, bringing back a lot of memories, Reeves (Oscar Isaac) the guy who became a famous musician and everyone wants to have their picture taken with while Sam (Ari Graynor) and Cully (Chris Pratt) are married with two young kids so the reunion is their first time to spend the night with friends for a long time. That’s not all that’s going on, the cast list in this is huge and everyone does a great job with their little moments.

While watching 10 Years there’s some characters you can almost immediately relate to, these are people who were all in the same class at school, but haven’t seen each other in years. It’s easy to imagine that some would try to appear better and more successful to their peers than they really are but secrets like that when alcohol is involved aren’t going to stay secret for long.

10 Years can feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable at times because of how realistic it feels. The conversations between characters are true to life and some characters say or do really cringey things in order to appear cool to their old friends. Really, the awkwardness just adds to 10 Years’ charm, these characters feel real in their humour, situations and relationships. Things do go wrong over the course of the reunion but that doesn’t mean that friendships or relationships will fall apart, it’s very true to life in that regard too.

10 Years is a sweet, funny film with a big cast that’s full of chemistry. It is a lovely feel good film and I can see it becoming one of my “comfort movies”. 5/5.

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