Bookish Bingo 2016

After seeing Pucks and Paperbacks talk about this bingo challenge I thought I’d go ahead and sign up.

I hadn’t actually signed up for any reading challenges this year but when I heard about the Bookish Bingo hosted by The Girly Geek and checked out the categories I thought this is a challenge I should be able to complete. I do like reading challenges that will take me out of my comfort zone and make me think about what I’m picking up.

There’s 35 different categories in total, one book can be used for two categories but no more than that, and the aim of the game is to have fun, read new things and try and fit books into as many of the squares as possible.

I will try and review all the books I read for this challenge as well but we’ll see how that goes.

2016 bb challenge

Have you signed up for any reading challenges this year?


      1. That’s why I made up my own 😛 I was tempted to do the Popsugar, but there were many book types mentioned I knew I wouldn’t read.
        Plus I’ve added the points, so even if I won’t achieve some level I could still go for the higher score next year 🙂

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