Thoughts on… Why Hogwarts Houses are so Important to People

So if you’ve been on social media/the internet this past week you’ll have seen that Pottermore has relaunched and you can get sorted into your House again. The questions are still the same as before, it’s just the pretty graphics that have changed. This has led to some people being a bit shocked/surprised/upset/confused as they have been sorted into a different House to the one they were in previously. That’s what happened to me anyway.

Let me go back to what Hogwarts House I always thought I was. I started reading the books age 9 and I always thought I’d be Ravenclaw. I admit, that a part of that might have come from the fact that Ravenclaw’s main colour was blue and that was my favourite colour, but it also was true because I liked to think I was smart, I loved reading and learning everything about a subject that I was passionate about. As the years went on and there were various “Which Hogwarts House Are You?” quizzes online, pretty much every single time I got Ravenclaw.

Pottermore first launched in 2009 and I never really used it, I just signed up to see what House I’d be in and what wand I got (I can’t even remember what wand I got though I think there was some dragon in it somewhere). I didn’t get a Pottermore account straight away so you could say it was about five years ago that I took the Sorting Quiz. When I took it for the first time I was sorted into Gryffindor and I have to say that did freak me out a bit. Gryffindor’s are “the brave at heart” and are “daring, nerve, and chivalrous” and while they are admirable qualities, they weren’t the ones that I thought really summed me up – for one thing I really didn’t see myself as brave.

Fast forward to this week and Pottermore’s relaunched so I thought I’d see what I got sorted into this time. This time it was Hufflepuff, a house full of people who are “just and loyal and patient” now while I was surprised I was sorted into Hufflepuff I can admit that those attributes really do suit me.


I think the thing with Hogwarts Houses is that when you read the books for the first time at whatever age, you see yourself in one of the Houses and that’s OK. But as you get older you change, your personality, your fears, the things you find important all evolve over time so it makes sense if you aren’t in the same House anymore.

But when something like Pottermore shows that your ideals may have changed, it can be surprising and maybe even a bit upsetting. You’ve had this idea about who you are in relation to your Hogwarts House for years so for it to be turned on its head can be a shock. Also the thing to remember about the Sorting Hat is that it will take in your wishes when it comes to sorting you, you may have a choice.

So based on the fact that you can choose your House, out of the four Hogwarts Houses I feel like I have the qualities of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and I’d be happy in either House. In five or ten years’ time, this might change again as I grow as a person but at the moment I’m happy to say I’m a Ravenclaw with some Hufflepuff leanings.

How do you feel about Hogwarts Houses? Do you taken them very seriously or are they a bit of fun? Do you get a bit freaked out when you’re sorted into a House that is “your House”? It really is fascinating how important Hogwarts Houses are and how saying what House you are is a shorthand to saying what sort of person you are.


  1. I get Ravenclaw in every single quiz I take, so I’m quite happy since I never wanted anything else. At the same time, I want to be brave, kind, and resourceful. I think all of us can be a bit of all the Houses and we are just more inclined to one of them at a particular age, so I think you are right when you said our ideals might have changed and it reflected on the Pottermore results.

    I don’t take it very seriously though. Pottermore is supposed to be fun! 😀 I love the test, it’s difficult to predict what you will get in the end. I love the thrill of the surprise! Congratulations on getting sorted to Hufflepuff!

    1. All the qualities represented in each House are good qualities, so it makes sense that we can all be a bit of each house.
      Yeah I definitely don’t take it as seriously as when I was kid, it’s all fun especially Pottermore. Yeah I do love the Pottermore quiz. Unlike many of the quizzes out there you really can’t play the test to get a certain House.
      Thanks! I think I’ll like being a Hufflepuff 🙂

  2. Every sorting quiz I’ve ever taken, including pottermore, I’ve always been sorted into Ravenclaw and thats where I believe I would be. I take it seriously and so do many teenagers I know. I’m not obsessive and whatnot but it’s the same as supporting a football club, you stay true to your team/house and support them proudly!

    1. I definitely agree with you comparing a Hogwarts House to a football team. Both are like a part of or a representation of your identity, they’re like a shorthand to your likes and dislikes and your personality in a way.

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