Why I Love… My Mum

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK so I thought I’d use this time to talk about why I love my mum so much.

I could be cheesy and say that my mum is my best friend and I suppose in some ways she is. I like to think we are not the super cheesy mother and daughter relationship that’s all over Facebook – I knew a girl from Uni who had that sort of a relationship with her mum and it just would be a bit weird after a while seeing another comment on all Facebook statuses and photos but if that’s how it works for them, fair enough. My mum is friends with me on Facebook mostly because of when I first went to university and it was just a precaution really in case I hadn’t text or phoned or emailed her in a while, she could have a look at Facebook and see when I last posted a status or when photos of when I last went out with my new friends were uploaded. She’s never commented or liked anything and we both worked well with that system of her just be able to check up on me but not really get into in that part of my life.

When I was away from home at Uni I definitely missed my mum a lot, especially in the beginning. We’d talk a lot and Sundays would usually be a big catch up phone call where I could be on the phone to her for 3 hours without even really realising it.

My mum listened to me crying on the phone when my Masters dissertation wasn’t going well – lets ignore the fact that it was the first day I was actually trying to write anything and it was a good six months before I had to hand anything in – I clearly had a bit of a moment.

Me and my mum have the same taste in a lot of things so I think that’s why we get on so well. She’s given me a love of various films including Pretty Woman, Ghost and Sister Act. I’ve possibly forced her to fall in love with the Marvel universe and everything that comes with it – she does now have a favourite character which is Bucky Barnes and she can’t stand anything bad happening to him so she can’t complain too much.

We have the same weird (and sometimes dark) sense of humour and sometimes we think that we might spend too much time together because we often know what the other person is thinking or is about to say some comment and the other gets there first. We don’t really argue which is nice, the only thing we sometimes fall out about is the fact that my room is a mess though I’d call it organised chaos. We’ve come to the sort of agreement on that that I’ll keep it relatively tidy and she won’t get mad – I’m a 24-year-old and we still have small arguments, I don’t think that’s something that ever stops between a mother and daughter.

We like doing stuff together, we like going to the cinema or going shopping or going for a meal but at the same time we both like our own space and we understand that about each other.

Out of all the reasons why I love my mum so much, I think the biggest reason is because she listens to me. She will listen if I’ve got problems, if I’ve had a fight with my friends or I just don’t know what to do with my life as a whole and she will listen to me try and work through it. And she will listen to me just gush about something I love, whether it’s something to do with Marvel or my new favourite book or TV show or anything, it’s great that I can know she won’t mock me for things that bring me happiness even if they could be described as geeky or nerdy.

My mum is awesome. She is a cool mum, she’s open about what she thinks and I’m so pleased that she is my mum. So happy Mother’s Day mum. I hope you have a lovely day and you like the card I bought – no doubt you, me and my gran are going to the cinema and then out for a meal as per our usual Mother’s Day plans. I’m not sure what I’d do without you half the time so I’m glad that I have you as my mum.

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