REVIEW: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

nimonaNimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter who has decided she is now Lord Ballister Blackheart’s sidekick. Blackheart is a supervillain who wants to wreck some serious havoc and prove to the people that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his bosses at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics aren’t the heroes as they appear to be. But as their escapades become more dangerous and deadly, Blackheart realises that Nimona’s powers are as mysterious as her past, and her wild side might be more dangerous than he wants to admit.

Nimona is one of those graphic novels that just about everyone has heard of and deservedly so. I’d read a little of Nimona when it was a web comic but even though I liked it I soon stopped reading as I don’t really like reading comics on a screen. It was great to finally get my hands on a physical copy of Nimona and I’m so glad I’ve now read the full story.

Nimona is funny but it’s not afraid to get a bit darker. It has a great take on what it means to be a villain or hero and how there can be a grey area in between. The art is bright and the mixture of science and medieval means that the world of Nimona isn’t your standard fantasy world.

Nimona is an independent young woman who enjoys causing mayhem with her shapeshifter powers. She’s also very closed off about her past and doesn’t always tells Blackheart the truth and sometimes gets caught out by her tall tales. You feel for Nimona because something horrible must have happened to her in her past and she really is troubled but at the same time she has a great, sarcastic attitude to everything.

The relationship between Nimona and Blackheart is great as he can’t help but want to look out for her but she doesn’t always appreciate it. Blackheart knows Nimona can be powerful but he still sees her as a young girl so he wants to protect her from people at Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics.

Nimona is a great fantasy adventure that’s funny but also has a dark undertone making it more interesting than you first might think. 5/5.

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