Thoughts on… Moving House

I am now technically homeless. Let me explain, yesterday everything was completed on the sale of my family home and we don’t have a property to move into until the middle of April so we’re now staying with family friends till then.

This whole moving house thing has been a bit chaotic and (for my mum at least) pretty stressful. The only time I have moved house before (not counting the four years I was at University so it was just a portion of my stuff moving each year) was when my parents split up when I was nine. When we moved into our new home (the one we’ve now just left) we just had all of mums belongings, my belongings and bedroom furniture, and a dining table, chairs and matching cabinet we got off a family friend. So we basically moved in with a small van. 

Obviously I can’t really remember packing up my stuff and all the hassle that comes with moving house because I was only nine years old. This time, it was well and truly my crash course in moving house. You never really realise how much stuff you have and how little of it you regularly use until you’re moving house, and especially if you’re downsizing. Fun fact: we are moving out of a four-bed house to a two-bed flat so we were being ruthless when it came to our stuff. Mum got rid of so much furniture to friends or charity shops and we went through all our clothes and belonging and there probably was at least ten trips with a car load of stuff down to our local charity shop. Then there was the five or more trips to the rubbish tip to get rid of stuff that wasn’t good enough for the charity shop or was just plain broken.

It took weeks to pack up our house, packing up the stuff in the kitchen alone to me and my grandmother over five hours! When it came to my things, I had six large boxes for my books and ten smaller boxes for my film collection, and then maybe five boxes for the other general stuff that was in my room.

One thing I discovered when I was packing up the house was that I strangely liked packing up boxes, it was like a game of Tetris trying to fit everything in, especially if there was stuff that was an awkward shape. Another thing I realised was packing and lifting heavy boxes was not good for my hypermobile joints – I spent many evenings lying on the floor trying to stretch my back out and doing my various exercises for my joints.

Hopefully it will take less time and effort to unpack everything in our new home when we get there next month. I’m looking forward to seeing where everything goes (there’s an alcove bit in the living room and I want to turn it into a kind of library for all my books and films) and making it a new home. At least doing a move like this when I’m 24 means that whenever I finally move out of the family home to a place of my on or to share with friends or a partner, I should have less stuff to pack up and take with me.


  1. Good luck with the rest of the move!
    It’s so true that moving helps you realise how much of stuff you don’t use/need. After our latest move there were two boxes which sat in a cupboard unpacked for over a year! I forgot about them.

  2. I remember the last move our family made when I was eleven. As an adult, I have never moved in one trip. We went from the last house I grew up in, to where we are now, but had lots of time to gradually move stuff, as we were not selling the previous property. So, I can only imagine. Wish you all the best! Don’t know about having to stay with family for almost a whole month. Suppose it depends on the family and how much room they have.
    Revisit the Tender Years with me during the #AtoZChallenge at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

    1. That’s quite good that you didn’t have to move all at once – doing that is certainly an experience!
      Yeah it’s not so bad so far, they’ve got a pretty big place so I don’t feel like we’re on top of each other and they don’t mind if we’re not with them all the time so I can do my own thing. I don’t think I’d like to stay longer than a month though! 🙂

  3. I spent this week moving too- so I feel you! I always like the starting over aspect of moving- a new place to decorate, a chance to go through your things.. but the actual packing/unpacking part is such a pain. It always takes SO MUCH LONGER than I expect it too, which is the hard part. This go-around I found myself really purging as I packed (I think I tossed or donated about every 4th thing!) and doing even MORE purging as I unpacked into my smaller space.

    Hopefully the move goes well and your new place is as perfect as possible! Enjoy some coffee/tea and treats now- you deserve it! Packing is tough work!

    1. Oh wow! It must be moving season as I know some other people who are set to move house soon! Ii’m right there with you with the whole donating/chucking as I packed thing, and I’ll be interested to see if when I unpack if I’m going to then decide to get rid of more stuff.

      Thank you, I’m definitely using this time at the family friends to relax, or well to relax as much as you can when you’re staying in someone else’s house :).

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