A is for Angela

FullSizeRenderAngela is a total badass but she’s also mysterious as hell. Angela goes by many names throughout the Inheritance Cycle, she’s an herbalist and is often called a witch and seems to know more than she should. She’s wise, skilled with magic but she’s also got a sense of humour and has a way with words that means that she won’t tell anyone more than she wants to.

Angela can fight, she is right there in these epic battles even though she might not look like she can look after herself – with Angela it’s definitely a case of looks can be deceiving. One of my favourite things about Angela is that she can get along with people from all different races, as well as being an ally to the Varden which is mostly composed of humans, she’s been allowed to visit the Elves, she knows the dwarfs and even the fearsome Urgal and Kull respect her.

Angela is one of those characters who you never really know much about and you want to learn more about her but at the same time, the fact that you know next to nothing about her is what makes her so great. I love the subtle hints you get to her past, or what you as the reader think could be reference to her past, as you read the series. It’s like with every book you learn something new about her but with every new thing you learn, you have ten more questions.


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