D is for Darcy Lewis

darcy lewisDarcy Lewis is a confident young woman who has the sense to tase a guy who is staggering around, shouting nonsense, being aggressive and generally freaking her and her friends out. She has self-preservation in spades but that doesn’t mean that she won’t stay and help people in trouble and go on to help save the world a couple of times.

Darcy is smart, not necessarily super-scientist smart like her friends and co-workers, but more street smart. She’s the kind of girl to carry a taser and pepper spray and is not afraid to use them. She’s sarcastic and easy-going and may not be the best as comforting a friend but she will have your back and help you get out of a psychiatric hospital.

Darcy is such a relatable character because she is a political science student who ends up in this crazy world of Gods and superheroes and she manages to react like any sane yet fun-loving person would. Her biggest problem with government agents taking all her stuff is the fact they took her iPod which she’d just downloaded new songs onto – that may be #FirstWorldProblems but when everything’s going a bit crazy, you focus on the small stuff.

I’m so happy that Darcy Lewis is a character that exists and especially in a big blockbuster superhero franchise. Who’d have thought you could have a fun, sarcastic female character in a superhero movie who isn’t a love interest for the hero? It is wonderful and no matter what problems the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have with representation, I’m always going to be thankful for Darcy Lewis.



  1. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t seen ANY of the Thor movies yet. *ducks in shame*
    I have to remedy that, especially because ummm it’s Thor. Lol. Oh, and Loki. 🙂

    I love Kat Dennings. She breathes variety into her characters. Part of the reason I’ve been itching to see Suburban Gothic and also because I want to drool over Matthew Gray Gubler, hehehe.

    I’ll be in and out this month to see what else you have for us, Elena. ^_^

    1. I’m like the biggest Marvel addict and the Thor films are definitely a lot of fun 🙂

      Haha! Yeah I love her stuff, I went through a phase of slowly making my way through her filmography and Daydream Nation and Charlie Bartlett are definitely under-appreciated.

      Thanks 😀

  2. You’ve been so spot on on your A-Z characters so far. (Why are the “sidekicks” in Marvel often better than the main characters!?) Darcy is fabulous, and I loved the way Kat Denning portrayed her… though as a fangirl I was always a LITTLE disappointed Darcy and Loki never had a brief little thing, because Hiddles+Kat were so adorable while they were together in real life. And I like when things feed my fandom just a little.

    1. Thanks! It’s been so hard figuring out my faves and then fitting them to a letter especially when Ii had multiple characters who could fit the same letter. There was definitely some juggling involved.
      Darcy was just so apologetically cool it was wonder and it helps that Kat Dennings is gorgeous 😉

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