E is for Elle Woods

elle woodsElle Woods is an inspiration. When I was struggling with college, especially with French and Spanish, I watched Legally Blonde again for about the hundredth time and I instantly felt more confident and motivated. Elle Woods works hard to get where she is, she gives up the party life-style to study and even when she does become more “serious” she still sticks out from the crowd.

Elle Woods is smart and funny and fiercely loyal. She may have gone to Harvard Law to win her boyfriend back but once she realised she’d never be good enough for him she decided to really step up her game and became a great lawyer.

Elle Woods never changes herself to fit in, she continues to work hard while wearing pink and enjoying manicures. She is friendly and open, she even befriends her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend which you never normally see in a film which shows that female friendships mean a lot more to her than any romantic relationship.

Elle’s graduation speech is one of my favourite speeches in film. She gives credit to the women who inspired her and you can still see her girly personality shine through even though she is now this badasss lawyer who you’d probably expect to be more serious and “grown up”.


  1. Elle is such a fantastic representation of the fact that you can be feminine, smart, and strong- and that being the “ditzy” one isn’t something to be ashamed of or looked down upon. That ditziness came in handy! It always spoke to me, because as a smart woman, I’m often doing dumb/silly/ditzy things, and seeing Legally Blonde helped me feel better about that- and reminded me that occasionally forgetting enter-common-knowledge-answer-here for a moment didn’t mean I was stupid.

    1. Yes exactly! Elle solves the murder case because she knows something that’s often seen as stupid and superficial so it shows that all random knowledge is valuable. The amount of people (mostly women) who I talk to and they say that Elle Woods and the Legally Blonde film inspired them or made them feel good about themselves is ridiculous! It’s such a great film and it’s one of those that I’ll watch when I see it’s on TV even if there’s just half an hour left.

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