J is for Jessica Jones

jessica jonesJessica Jones man. God she’s messed up and bitter and she has every right to be. She suffered a horrendous trauma but managed to come out of it with a bit of PTSD and an attitude where she won’t let anyone control and take advantage of her like that again.

Jessica is a sarcastic, cynical and sharp-tongued private investigator. Her methods are often unusual and she’s not afraid to throw a punch when cornered. Jessica’s “superpowers” are the fact she is incredibly physically strong and she can also jump great distances. Really though, I think her superpower is that no matter how tough things might be and how sometimes she really does feel like giving up, she still fights.

She’s a badass that still gets hurt, both physically and emotionally, but she works through it. Admittedly the way she works through it might not be the best way to do it, it often features a lot of whiskey and breaking things, but people cope in different ways and she has her best friend Trish Walker to help her, when Jessica lets her that is.

I’ve only seen the Jessica Jones Netflix TV show which I absolutely adored but I do really want to read the Alias comics because I need more Jessica Jones in my life.


    1. Yes do! I did the whole binge-watch the entire season in one day thing and while that was awesome I definitely now want to rewatch it and take my time with it. I think it was at the end of either episode eight or nine where stuff happened that really blew my mind!

    1. Yeah I spent the whole day/night at a friends binge watching it! It’s great getting all the story at once but I do want to rewatch it at a slower pace so I can appreciate things I probably missed the first time 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  1. Krysten Ritter is such an excellent actress- i was so excited to see her in this serious, darker (for her) role, and she didn’t disappoint. It was such a great serious with so many great messages, and also just a lot of bad-assery.

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