K is for Kingsley Shacklebolt

kingsley shackleboltKingsley Shacklebolt is one of my favourite minor characters from Harry Potter and I loved the fact he appeared in the films as so many characters were obviously cut out due to time.

Kingsley is a high-ranking Auror working for the Ministry of Magic but when he starts to not believe the Ministry’s lies about Voldemort’s return, he is persuaded to join the Order of the Phoenix and he’s a real asset to them. Kingsley is one of those characters that doesn’t often say much but he’s like a steady presence in the background and when he does say something it is worth listening to.

The fact that he is well-regarded in the Ministry means that he is put in charge of protecting the Muggle Prime Minister. I love how the Muggle Prime Minister describes him as “highly efficient, gets through twice the work of the rest of them” which shows Kingsley’s work ethic even when it comes to Muggle stuff. But even though protecting the Prime Minister is such an important job, he takes the time to go to Dumbledore’s funeral and help Harry get to the Burrow because he believes that Harry is the most important thing.

I like Shacklebolt’s humour and how smart he is, you’ve got to be smart if you’re working as a double agent. He’s a great wizard who is brave and he is one of the few members of the Order of the Phoenix to make it out of the Battle of Hogwarts relatively unscathed.


  1. I love the minor characters in Harry Potter. They make the story so much richer! You picked a good one, Kingsley was critical to the Order and often overlooked. I’m going to go check out some of your other A to Z post right now. J looks very interesting! : )

    Robin from Write On Sisters

    1. Yeah I often find secondary and minor characters more interesting in books anyway but there’s something about the characters in Harry Potter that are often only mentioned in passing that makes them even more fascinating. Like you said, they really add to the history and the lore of the Wizard World and it’s always great learning new things about them.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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