N is for Nimona

nimona1Nimona is a kid but she’s a kid who can shapeshift into just about anything. She’s dangerous and volatile but she is still a child that scary things happen to.

Nimona is the titular character in a web-comic that’s now a published graphic novel and it’s a great story full of fantasy and science-fiction tropes that are often turned on their head. Nimona is the sidekick of supervillain Lord Ballister Blackheart but she doesn’t always do as she’s told. She’s not the best sidekick as she has her own ideas about how to do things, often her ideas include death and destruction which is a little disturbing.

Nimona is an independent young woman who enjoys causing mayhem with her shapeshifter powers. She’s also very closed off about her past and doesn’t always tells Blackheart the truth and sometimes gets caught out by her tall tales. You feel for Nimona because something horrible must have happened to her in her past and she really is troubled but at the same time she has a great, sarcastic attitude to everything.

A lot of time I just feel like giving Nimona a hug because she’s had such a tough life but she still finds it in herself to care about people and want to protect them, but I know if I tried to give Nimona a hug she’d probably shapeshift into some sort of vicious animal and bite me.

You can read my review of Nimona here.


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