Q is for Happy Quinn

happy quinnHappy Quinn is a mechanical prodigy and she is wonderful. Happy can make anything if she has the right tools and even if she has the wrong tools she can often figure something out. Happy has a photographic memory and is highly intelligent but that does mean she has a low emotional quotient so she’s often brutally honest but she has been getting better at that.

Happy is very closed-off from people because she was put into foster care by her father when she was a toddler because her mother died in childbirth and he couldn’t cope. She was bounced around to different foster homes throughout her childhood so she can be very hostile in order to protect herself. Happy thinks that anyone she cares about will let her down so her relationship with Team Scorpion is incredibly important. Yes, they’ve had their rough patches but really they are a solid family unit and that’s what Happy wants.

Happy can be mean and rude but it’s often because she’s turning her insecurities out onto other people. She’s learnt to protect herself and not to show any emotions or to cry because that’s the sort of thing she thinks makes her seem weak.

Happy is a great character because she’s smart and capable but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make mistakes. She’s slowly learning to let people in and is kind of getting better at taking constructive criticism. Though she may still threaten someone with a large wrench when they get on her nerves, she’ll also threaten people if they make fun of or hurt her friends.


  1. Happy definitely sounds like the kind of character I’d like to read about and get invested in.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! We’re rounding the bend for the end of the Challenge. It has indeed been a challenge!

    Michele @ Angels Bark

  2. I just blew through your entire a to z challenge…I don’t know all the characters mentioned but I’m definitely intrigued by your descriptions.

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