R is for Ralph Dineen

ralphRalph is a smart kid and I mean like super smart. He is a genius and with that comes some problems, he’s so smart that he’s miles ahead of his peers in elementary school and he doesn’t always have great social skills because of his intellect.

Ralph is pretty amazing. He’s attending elementary school so he can try and develop his social skills and not turn out like his mum’s friends and co-workers at team Scorpion (they are all pretty terrible at being around normal aka not super smart people) and he’s at university at the same time so he can get the knowledge and challenges his mind craves.

Ralph is so smart he often ends up help Team Scorpion when they are otherwise engaged and he’s even climbed into a hot vent to help save the day which was obviously very dangerous and seriously freaked out his mum.

Ralph is still a child so he’s still learning his boundaries that he still has to have even though he’s a genius. He makes mistakes and scares his mum by doing the right thing even though it might put him in danger. He’s growing up because when you first meet him he won’t talk to anyone but his mum but as he’s been around genius’s like himself he’s learnt to open up more and even has friends his own age.



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