S is for Number Six

six3Six is a badass. I fell in love with her as soon as she appeared at the end of I am Number Four and saved John Smith’s skin. She is incredible and my favourite character in the entire series and she better survive and have as happy ending as she can managed by the end of it.

Six is an alien and she has superhuman like powers. She can turn invisible and turn anyone who is touching her invisible as well, she has telekinesis and she can manipulate the weather. Besides from her powers which can obviously help her out when she’s in trouble she is also incredibly skilled at hand-to-hand combat and she can use any weapon she can get her hands on.

Six is more closed-off than some of the other characters in the series as she had been on her own since she was thirteen and had to look after herself and fight to survive. Six was also held captive for a while so she has some issues from that which is understandable. She finds it hard to trust and care about other people as she’s been on her own for so long and she doesn’t want to get hurt again, but she still does care about her friends and will do anything to protect them.

I find Six fascinating because as the series has progressed she is still one of the strongest fighters and one of the first to react to danger but she has started to become better at reading people. Due to her years isolation she was often oblivious to other people’s emotions but she’s getting better at having empathy for others but she still loves being in control and is a total badass.

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