Reflections on the A-Z Challenge 2016 Edition

atozAnother April is over and I have managed to complete the A-Z in April Challenge for the third year in a row! This year it as all about my favourite characters whether they were from books, films, TV shows or comics. You can find all my posts here.

I got more visitors and views this April than the previous two which was great and my three most popular posts in April were about Cat Grant, Hermione Granger and Kingsley Shacklebolt. It appears the Harry Potter fans are still very much alive and well.

This April was an interesting one when it comes to how I posted my blogs and visited others. I was staying with family friends for the first two weeks of it while we were technically homeless and in that time I wrote and scheduled pretty much all the posts for the entire month. Also in that time I had plenty of time to reply to comments people left me, visit a lot of blogs and comment and like posts I found interesting – I even followed a few new blogs as well. The last couple of weeks of the challenge wasn’t so good for me in terms of the community aspect. We moved into our new place on the 16th April and to start with we had no internet and of course we were trying to get all our stuff moved in and where we wanted it. As we were incredibly busy, I was so happy that past-me had written and scheduled all my posts for that week, though I did falter a bit and not visit and comment on may blogs during that time. By the time everything had calmed down a bit and it was the final week of the A-Z Challenge I just had three posts to write and schedule (U, X and Y) and by then it was a nice break from house-related stuff.

Once again I really enjoyed taking part in the A-Z Challenge. It was great sharing the love for some of my favourite characters and discovering new blogs I could follow.

How did the challenge go for you? Anyone who didn’t sign up for it, now considering taking part next year? I’m sure I’ll be there.


  1. You are the second blogger I know who was in the Challenge and also moving during April. Congrats on finishing! I started out very strong, but waned toward the end as life caught up with me. This year, Tender Years, had less statistically than last year when I did my Musical Memories. But this year was better for finding new blogs I wanted to follow! So, I’m happy!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thanks! Can’t believe there was another person mad like me, taking part in a challenge like this while moving! I do feel like a lot of people may start out really well but as the challenge goes on and life intervenes things don’t always go to plan.
      That’s great! Stats are definitely not everything and I’m glad you found some new blogs to follow – that’s one of my favourite bits about the challenge to be honest 🙂

  2. I loved your theme, I visited on Hermione day which was great as I’m a huge Harry Potter fan! Congrats on completing the challenge, especially with moving in April too!

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