I Love My Framed Prints

I moved into a new place recently and one of the things I was most looking forward to was that in my bedroom there was one completely empty wall I could do anything with. So naturally I wanted to get my various fandom-related pictures, posters and prints framed and hung on the wall. I absolutely love how they all look so I just had to brag about them, but I will be nice and share where I got them from so if any get your fancy you know where to go.

FullSizeRender (1)

The two canvases, the Avengers one and the Rey one came from B&Q. I went there with my mum to get paint and wallpaper, you know actual DIY supplies, and then I saw the canvases they had on sale. There were a bunch of Marvel, DC and Star Wars canvases along with the usual nature and cityscape ones and I just couldn’t resist.

A lot of the pictures I bought from Etsy because I love that you can find such different artwork there and it often works out at a reasonable price. All the prints I ordered from Etsy arrived well wrapped, they were often in poster tubes or in kept flat in solid cardboard, and they were delivered within a week. I can’t recommend any of the sellers enough.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (4)

I got an Iron Man 3 IMAX poster when I saw the film but the Star Wars IMAX poster I actually nabbed off a guy in the cinema carpark. He’d gone into the cinema and asked for any of their leftover posters because he wanted to use them as thick card so he had a pile of them and was taking them to his car when I saw him. I asked if I could have one and he said I could help myself! It was a random encounter and I got a cool poster from it – thank you nice man in the carpark!

The other picture which is my of my name my sister got painted for me when she was in San Francisco almost 20 years ago! I had it framed before but with Pyrex rather than glass and it had a blue border and a yellow frame so I got it reframed the same as all the other prints. Then there’s the awesome Lord of the Rings print from Noelle Stevenson aka Gingerhaze – I love her Hipster Hobbit series of sketches so I ended up getting myself one for Christmas last year.

IMG_5149 IMG_5147

IMG_5148 IMG_5146

Once we moved in I went to a local place to get them all framed and it only took a couple of weeks. Fun fact: framing pictures is expensive business but if they are someone who does it properly then it’s worth it. I love the frames and how everything looks and they look amazing on my wall. I’ve never had framed pictures on the wall of my bedroom, I’ve always stuck anything on with blu-tack so seeing everything look all professional is really nice.

Where to buy the prints and canvases:
– Rey canvas
– Captain America: Civil War canvas
– Eowyn “I am no Bro” print
Star Wars Trio
– Hawkeye
– Iron Man Arc Reactor
– Hamlet quote
– Lord of the Rings


  1. Great selection! I like the Rey one especially.
    I actually have the Force Awakens poster with Kylo Ren in the woods, though it isn’t framed yet. 🙂

  2. I love all your framed prints too, especially Rey, Iron Man and Hawk Eye 😀 I definitely want to get fandom artwork framed and hung up too…eventually XD Thanks for sharing!

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