Mid-Year Reading Update

We are over half way through 2016 (obligatory, how on earth did that happen?! statement) so as I did an update on my film-watching goals of the year, I thought I should have a look how my reading is doing. I had four main reading goals for this year so without further ado, let’s see how I’m doing.

Read 40 books
Done! Thanks to the fact I read eight books in ten days while I was at my Dad’s in Spain, I have reached that target and I have currently read 43 books. I honestly didn’t expect to read that many books in the first six months of the year! I’m surprised but happy that I’ve already reached my reading goal – especially because over the past week or so I seem to be in a reading slump as I can’t figure out what I feel like reading. To try and combat that slump I’m reading the unread graphic novels and trade paperbacks comics I have on my shelves, hopefully the shorter, more “easy read” nature of them will get me back into reading.

Have 50 unread books or less on my shelves
This one definitely needs some work. While I have been reading a lot, I also seem to have been buying a lot of books. My TBR at the start of the year had 93 unread books on it and now, after I’ve read books but also bought more, it stands at 80 unread books on my shelves. So unfortunately I need to read 30 more books and not actually buy any more for the rest of the year to reach my goal. I’m not sure if I’ll reach it to be honest. I think I do need to have a look at my bookshelves too see if there’s any books there that I know I’ll never read and then give them a new home at the charity shop.

Review at least 26 books
This challenge is well on its way to being completed. I have currently reviewed 21 books. I have more reviews scheduled to post and, as long as I read some more books over the next six months, I’m pretty sure I will end up reviewing more than 26 books. I’m not sure why but I am actually really enjoying writing reviews this year, I don’t review every book I read and maybe that’s why I’m enjoying the reviewing process, I don’t feel pressured to have definitive thoughts and opinions on every book I read.

Complete the Bookish Bingo
This is a bingo challenge hosted by The Girly Geek to try and get you to read a lot of different books. There are 35 bingo squares or challenges and I have currently completed 20 of them without really trying. I haven’t been concentrating too hard on the challenge as I didn’t want my reading to be too structured or feel like I have to read certain books. So every few weeks or couple of months I go through what I’ve read and see what fits with the various categories – it’s been quite a good way to do it. Hopefully this system continues to work for the rest of the year but I do need to think of a book that has stars on the cover – any suggestions would be much appreciated!

So that’s how my reading is going so far this year. Three out of four goals are doing very well, I just need to stop buying so many books! Did you have any reading goals at the start of the year? If you did, I hope you’re well on your way to completing them!


  1. Your TBR has at least gone down! I don’t even know where mine stands at, although I gave bags and bags away to charity when I moved, so through that alone, it might have gone down this year 😀

    I like your bookish bingo plan.

    1. Yes! Always look at the positives!
      Haha! Yeah moving house always gives you some perspective on what stuff you really need. I actually quite like giving books to charity shops because if I’ve read the books in giving away I’m sharing my love of it and if it’s one I haven’t read then I’m letting it have the possibility of a new home where it will be read 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve got a handy little spreadsheet where I write down every new book I get and if I read one or get rid of it I cross it off. It’s a good way to keep track of things 🙂

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