My Film Year in Review and my Film-related Goals of 2017

In 2016 I watched a lot of films, 189 of them in fact, and there were some great ones. You can find my ten favourites of the year here.

I only had a couple of film-related goals for 2016. One was to watch more of my unwatched DVD’s and Blu-rays, something that didn’t really happen as I finally got Netflix half way through the year and that became my new obsession. My other goal was to take part in and complete the Women in Film’s pledge to watch 52 films that are directed by women – this I did! You can find the list of films I watched for this challenge here, almost all of them were new to me and I ended up watching just over the target at 56 films. I also made a note of the films I watched that had a woman credited as the screenwriter and it turned out 65 of the films I watched in 2016 had a female screenwriter. You can find those films in a handy list here.

Some other interesting stats are which directors and actors I happened to watch the most in 2016. Thanks to Letterboxd (which is a great site and is basically Goodreads for films) I can see and share that info.

My most watched actors were:


I’m not surprised that Anton Yelchin was my most watched actor of 2016. I loved him and his work anyway and when he died I was a bit of a masochist and started watching the films of his I hadn’t seen yet. I bought a load of his films and I still haven’t watched some of them so he might be one of my most watched actors of 2017 as well.

I was surprised Idris Elba was so high but then I remembered he did a lot of voice work in 2016 like The Jungle Book, Zootopia and Finding Dory. Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban are high on the list thanks to me rewatching the new Star Trek films, and in Karl Urban’s case rewatching The Lord of the Rings for the thirteenth time.

When it comes to directors, there was no clear winner but I’m pleased that two men of colour, Antoine Fuqua (who is one of my favourite directors anyway) and Taika Waititi were in my top five most watched directors. Even though I took part in the 52 Films by Women Project, I rarely watched films by the same director but it’s because of the challenge that Jodie Foster and Susan Seidelman made it onto my top ten most watched directors of 2016 list.


Now for my film-related goals of 2017. I’m going to keep it simple and not put too much pressure on myself. I plan to take part in the 52 Films by Women project again, both by directors and screenwriters, and when it comes to films directed by women, I’d like them to be mostly new to me films again.

That’s my main goal of 2017 but I’d like to put a dent in my unwatched DVD’s and Blu-rays, especially as I am currently running out of shelf space. I might start giving away watched films to the charity shop or offer them to friends or something to give me more shelf space.

Do you have any film-related goals of 2017?

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