K is for Kim Possible

Now it’s time for a bit of nostalgia – Kim Possible was not only one of my favourite cartoons when I was in my early teens but I’m also pretty sure for a while I wanted to be just like Kim herself.

Kim Possible is a really fun show, I loved the humour and all the characters – I especially liked Shego and the kind of mutual respect she and Kim had for each other. Oh, and the puns! Love a good pun so Kim Possible being a pun of the word “impossible” and Ron Stoppable being a pun on “unstoppable” were right up my street.

Kim was just so cool. She was a spy, she had cool gadgets, she was funny and popular but never mean about it – she was definitely the sort of character I aspired to be like when I was a teenager. I also really wanted Kim and Ron to get together! They were probably one of my first ship’s and I loved them as both best friends and when they finally ended up as a couple.

I feel like Kim Possible, along with Totally Spies, is what started my love of spies and superheroes, because Kim was kind of a superhero. She had a secret double life, tech support in the form of Wade, and a sidekick in Ron. Kim Possible was one of those shows I’d watch when I was channel hopping, even when I’d “grown out of it” because that’s the thing, the quick dialogue and humour was something that could appeal to all ages.

Who can forget the theme song?! I always used to sing along and I wanted my own phone to make that beeping noise when I got a text – I’m sure you can download it from somewhere but I’ve never got around to it.


  1. I do not remember this cartoon but I do recall my daughters loving the Power Rangers and they wanted to be superheroes, too. I think all kids go through that phase. The theme mewsic for Kim Possible is very catchy and made me do a little chair boogie while listening to it. Thanks for sharing a piece from your childhood. 🙂

    Please come by for Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with Curious as a Cathy when you have a sec! Have a good day & happy a2zjing!

    1. I was never a huge fan of the Power Rangers (I always thought it looked silly) but I think you’re right and all kids want to be superheroes at some point.
      No problem and thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  2. I had forgotten all about Kim Possible. I don’t think my kids watched it (my youngest was in her late teens when it came out) but I recall seeing it now and then… maybe while channel surfing.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Kibble

    1. Thanks! I love to hear about what sort of things people have on their desk. When I was at uni I had a Captain America figure by my laptop, silently judging me if I started to surf the internet instead of writing an essay 😛

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