L is for London

I love London. I went to university at the end of the Metropolitan and Piccadilly line so was less than an hour away from central London for four years. It was great. Even though I’ve always lived about an hour and twenty minutes’ train ride away from London, I never used to go up there that often till I was at Uni. Now some of my best friends live in London so I’m often heading up there to see them for the weekend.

While at Uni I’d go shopping on Oxford Street, head to Westfields for the day, go to see films at the BFI film festival in Leicester Square, and I’d just love to wander around the streets and find new and interesting things. I think my favourite place in and around London (so far) is Soho, I just love wandering those streets and finding cool shops or cafes, though Uxbridge still has a weird yet special place in my heart as it was my home-from-home for four years.

I used to work in London, kind of in between Old Street and Farringdon, and a couple of times there was a tube strike so I’d walk from London Bridge to the office and it was really nice crossing the river, and seeing the everyday parts of the city I wouldn’t normally see when sitting on the tube.

I love doing touristy things in London and I love seeing and doing the stuff only locals know about. I think it’s great living so relatively close to a capital city. I can go to shows in the evenings and still get home, I can go out with friends and then get the last train home. Not to still a phrase from Hannah Montana but living a bit over an hour away from London really is the best of both worlds.


  1. I’ve only been to London once and that was back in 1997. I hope one day to get back and be able to spend a few days exploring the city. I’m a total dork: I want to go to all the Tube stations from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere that I can get to.

  2. I’d love to explore London at some point. But, actually, I just want to explore all of UK. I feel like there are so many different aspects to it, and London is only one… Do you ever explore outside of the city?

    With Love,

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