T is for Travelling

I love travelling and seeing new places. For me, the holiday does indeed start in the airport – probably because I buy at least two books every time I’m in Duty Free! I like crossing off another country off my bucket list, or visiting a famous city. I’m not a fan of lying on the beach so I love holidays where I’m seeing new places, going to museums and getting the culture of a place.

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited a fair few countries over the years thanks to family holidays and school trips. I went to Moscow and Saint Petersburg when I was in college on a History trip, I went to Dubai over ten years ago as we had family friends living out there and the south of Spain is my home-from-home as my dad has lived there for fifteen years.

Recently I’ve come to love the idea of long weekends away, just three nights in a city and cram everything I want to see and do in that time. I’ve done that in Budapest and Prague with friends and the other weekend I was in Oxford for a friend’s wedding and then stayed a few days to see the city. My next few days away is going to be in May when I’m visiting a friend studying in the Netherlands. I think that’s where I’ve been lucky so far, I’ve had a lot of friends and family living around the world, or friends who also like travelling on a budget, so it’s not been too much of a hit on my bank balance any time I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.

I love to travel but it is always nice to come home to my own bed.


  1. Traveling is a wonderful. You make connections with good people, who knows you maybe able to travel more. I’ve got this blog called Gastradamus. Some are calling it The next big thing. We would love your feedback. Are heavy hitters are Eatin an Eskimo, A few good fries and Lardy Arms. If you give us honest feedback and leave comments, than I would be more than happy to promote your blog. Hope to see you there

  2. Great post and I envy you. You have been to so many interesting places. I love traveling too but hardly get a chance to do so though I have done a number of solo trips. All the best with your future plans.

  3. I’m with you; to me, the idea of going someplace new and lying about in the sun makes no sense; I can do that at home if I’m so inclined. For instance, business took me to Barcelona a couple of years ago, and I had literally only about four hours for sight-seeing. Still, I went up to La Rambla and had a look around at some of the neat old buildings, and took what wound up being a private tour of the Teatro Lyceo opera house. If there’s a museum or some other interesting place to see, that’s where you’ll find me.

    1. Haha! Yes, living in Europe is definitely a help when you get bitten by the travel bug. I’d still like to visit more places in the UK, I mean, I’ve never been to Ireland or Northern Ireland, or even to many English cities north of London. It’s easy to forget there’s cool things close to home.

  4. I wish I were better at traveling on the cheap. 🙂 It must be nice to have friends all over the world. I’m jealous. Hope you enjoy your trip in May. 🙂

    With Love,

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