V is for Viggo Mortensen

I love this man, he’s one of my favourite actors and just generally seems like a good person.

I first saw Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and thanks to his wonderful acting and his beautiful face, Aragorn became my firm favourite character. I love all the stories you hear about the filming of LotR, to be honest the entire cast seem peak #castgoals when it comes to being with the same group of people for years. I love hearing about how Mortensen bought the horse he rode in Lord of the Rings because he fell in love with them and even bought Liv Tyler’s stunt double the horse she rode because she loved it but couldn’t afford to buy the horse herself.

I’ve seen a lot of Viggo Mortensen’s films now and he’s one of those actors where I’ll watch a film just because he’s in it. I have Captain Fantastic sitting unwatched on my shelves and I really want to watch it soon. Besides Lord of the Rings my favourite film of his was Eastern Promises, that film is often a tough watch but Mortensen is captivating in it.

One of the best interviews I’ve read with anyone was an Esquire interview with Viggo Mortensen last year. It shows how honest and “normal” he is and his love of art, literature and keeping his private life private. It made me love him even more and his personality shines through.


  1. He also bought RH Tecontender, the paint he rode in “Hidalgo.” I remember him in films going all the way back to his first role in “Witness,” where he played Alexander Godunov’s younger brother — he had no lines, but those intense blue eyes made him memorable. I am looking forward to seeing “Captain Fantastic.”

  2. I get how you feel. I basically movie-stalk Anna Kendrick. 🙂 She’s just such a wonderful actress. I’m eagerly waiting to read her collection of personal essays!

  3. I so agree with you. It’s seldom I have a great deal of respect for an actor/actress, not many like Charleston Heston around any more, or Gregory Peck. But Viggo is one of them. He seems to keep his private life separate from his public life. I like that about a person. When he released his book “Coincidence of Memory,” a friend of mine in LA went to his book signing and bought me one for Christmas. I was SO thrilled when she sent it to me with the story, “He looked at your name (she had asked him to make it out to Calensariel) and said, ‘That’s Elivish, isn’t it? What does it mean?” When she told him he said he thought it was beautiful. OML! I was over the moon! In fact, I think I’ll put it in a post. Do stop by and have a look at the pictures! I’ll be back to catch up on your Challenges.

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    1. That’s such a great story! And it’s wonderful he recognised your name was Elvish. What a wonderful friend you have and it’s great to hear he really is a great guy. 😀

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