Why I love… the Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season. It’s not so warm, in fact it can get pretty cold, and that means I can wear multiple layers, jumpers and big hoodies and I like that a lot.

I’m not one that’s into fashion but I generally like the colours of clothes that are “autumn fashion.” The browns, yellows and reds are some of my favourite to wear and it’s not seen as so weird when you’re wearing darker colours in autumn.

Autumn TV is also the best TV. There is currently so many different shows I want to watch, that more often than not end up on the same day and time and I have to figure out how to record them all. Then I have to make time to catch up on them an if there’s one thing I’m not good at is catching up with TV shows. Last month, Victoria was on at the same time as Strike, the adaptation of the novels by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling, so I had to always record one of them. The Great British Bake Off is back but that often clashes with shows I need to record too. It’s kind of typical really, you can go for weeks or months without much being on TV you want to watch, and then as soon as autumn comes around there is almost too much to keep up with!

I’m not a fan of summer – I can’t deal with the heat, though admittedly in England we don’t tend to get ridiculously hot summers that often, we get three days close to 30°c then goes back to around 20°c but even that can be too hot for me. When autumn comes around it’s like a sigh of relief, we still generally get dry, sunny days but they are so much cooler.

I feel like autumn is a lot of people’s favourite season. Maybe because it’s a season where you can kind of get away with not going out as much – because who wants to leave the house when it’s already getting dark at 6pm? You can stay home in your pyjamas, curled up with a book or in front of the TV and it’s just the best.

Is autumn your favourite season too? If so why? And if not, which season is your favourite? I sometimes think what type of weather people like says a lot about them, what it says I’m not sure but it’s like a snapshot of someone’s personality.


    1. There’s just too much to watch and if I don’t start it when it’s on air, I usually can’t be bothered to catch up. Yeah I really enjoy Victoria, it’s got a Downton Abbey-vibe but is better in my opinion, especially because it’s actual history and real people. The cast are pretty great too.

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