The Christmas Tag

I saw this Christmas Tag over on Hannah Louise’s blog Paint Me a Smile and thought I’d get into the spirit of the season and take part too.

What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
The Muppet Christmas Carol! I haven’t watched it this year (yet) but I do love it. I like the story and how Michael Caine gives it his all even though he’s acting with puppets, the songs are great too and Gonzo and Rizzo are my favourite Muppet’s so I like how it’s them two telling the story.

What is your Favourite Christmas Song?
Fairytale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty McColl. I just love this song.

Do You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning. We always open presents in our PJ’s before breakfast, it’s really chill and nice.

What is your Favourite Christmas Scent?
I don’t know if I really have a favourite Christmas scent. While I don’t like drinking it, I do like the smell of Mulled Wine.

What tops your tree?
We’ve got Father Christmas on the top of our tree! It sounds weird, but he’s got a big beard and the Christmas lights shine through it.

Is your tree real or fake?
It’s fake. We’ve had a fake trees all my life. Our current fake tree is about 16 years old so it’s doing pretty well. 

Have you ever gone Christmas Caroling?
Nope! It’s never really been my sort of thing.

White or Coloured Lights?
We’ve had white lights previously but currently on our tree and around the balcony we have coloured lights. I think I prefer coloured lights, they seem a bit more festive to me.

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate, and more specifically Caramel Hot Chocolate – it’s the best! I’ve never had eggnog and I’ve always been a bit confused as to what it actually is.

Are You A Buddy the Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge?
I think I’m more of a Buddy the Elf. I’m not a Christmas fanatic, I mean I roll my eyes if I hear Christmas songs in shops before December and because I have a small family Christmas has always been a lowkey affair, but I do enjoy the season and how it’s time to catch up with friends and family and just do what you want to do.

When do you put up your tree/decorations?
We usually put our tree up around the end of the second week of December. This year it was a bit earlier because I moved out of the family home and I wanted to put up the tree and the decorations before I left.

If you could travel anywhere for the holiday season, where would it be?
Ooh I don’t know. A couple of times me and my mum have considered going away somewhere for Christmas and stay in a hotel and then we don’t have to do anything or worry about cooking and stuff like that. But I like being in my own home and not feeling obligated to do anything. I suppose if I did travel anywhere in the holiday season I like the idea of staying in a cottage somewhere so it’s like your own home, but you can still go out and explore.

Do you make new years resolutions?
Yep I do. I always have a varying amount of resolutions and success with them, but I like the idea of New Year resolutions or goals. This year I have my usual bookish, filmish and blogish resolutions (they’ll all be here in the next few weeks) and I’ve got the resolution I make every year and then fail – stop biting my finger nails! 2018 may be the year I succeed though as I have been stopping myself from biting my nails through sheer willpower alone these past couple of weeks so hopefully that’ll continue into the New Year.

That was the Christmas Tag! I tag anyone who’d like to do it, because I’m giving like that!


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