A is for Acadia by Marianas Trench

I got into Marianas Trench while I was in university and I used to listen to multiple albums on repeat while working in my university’s library. I think I actually first heard their music through some fanvids – I’ve discovered a number of great songs/artists through fanvids to be honest.

Acadia is one of my favourites because it’s that kind of nostalgic song, reminiscing the fun times with your friends, when you’d laugh about something and you can’t remember what caused the hilarity, but you know you had a great time.

Even though there’s people’s names in Acadia mentioned that I personally don’t know, I still get the feeling of togetherness and that joy when you have a random day or a couple of hours with some friends and have such fond memories of it.

I love the line “Every memory comes on, When I hear that old song” because there are so many songs that have strong associations with people, places or events for me, and as soon as I hear them I’m right back there.

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