D is for Dancing Queen by ABBA

I grew up listening to ABBA thanks to my mother – ABBA cassettes, and then CDs, were always playing in the car so I fell in love with ABBA’s music just as much as my mum does.

ABBA has so many great songs – there’s sad songs and the happy ones you just want to dance to. Dancing Queen is definitely the later. As soon as the music starts you can’t help but move, even if it’s just bopping your head to the rhythm.

I remember I was at a friend’s wedding, I was getting tired from the dancing and had just sat down to give my feet a break, I’d barely sat down for thirty seconds when the sound of Benny running his hand down the piano keys and I was up again as I heard it. I just couldn’t not dance to Dancing Queen, no matter how much my feet ached. The song gave me a second wind and I danced the night away with my friends.

I feel that Dancing Queen is one of the songs that’s quintessentially ABBA. It’s fun, perhaps cheesy, but it’s certainly a feel-good song. I love it.


    1. I love ABBA so much! I haven’t! But I have heard that Muriel is a big ABBA fan so it’s a film I’ve been meaning to watch – I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.

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