H is for Hold On! I’m Comin’ by Sam & Dave

I feel like I’m going to say this for many of these A-Z posts, but I’m not sure where I first heard this song. It was probably in a TV show, film or trailer because it goes so well with scenes of people running and potentially heists as well. I know it’s used in The Blues Brothers but that’s a film I haven’t seen. There’s been tonnes of covers too – always a sign of a great or influential song in my opinion.

Hold On! I’m Comin’ is such a fun song. I love the music, the instrumental introduction with horns is just fabulous, and whenever I hear it I can’t help but bop along to it.

Soul and R&B music from the 60’s isn’t exactly my forte, a lot of the time when I hear music from that era I enjoy it or have heard it before but it’s not music I grew up on or anything. Sam & Dave are a musical duo and I think how their voices work together is beautiful, and the music itself is fun and energetic. The soul music of the 60’s is definitely unique. I mean, it’s rare that we get songs released with big bands that aren’t just covers today. Nothing beats the sound of a brass band and a couple of great vocalists.


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