K is for Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars

I love how this song starts off so quiet with almost ambient sounds and then kicks in with the vocals and instruments. It’s a song that constantly ebbs and flows and builds with Jared Leto’s vocals at the forefront of it all.

I think Kings and Queens was the first Thirty Seconds to Mars song that I ever heard, or at least the first that made me sit up and take notice. I bought the album this song was on and it was an album I listened to a lot when I was at college, I distinctly remember working in my college’s library with my headphones in and this song playing. It’s funny how some songs can take you back to a certain place and time so easily.

Kings and Queens is one of those songs I listen to when I want to feel inspired and motivated. It’s about the endless possibilities we have as people and how we can be the leaders of our own story. The choric sound that’s present in the song at different parts gives me chills. I think it’s because I love it when you can hear a crowd singing along with an artist and it reminds me of that – that sense of togetherness.


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