L is for Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble by PJ & Duncan aka Ant & Dec

I don’t think this song is one that’s made it internationally and I would be very surprised if Americans have heard of it, but it’s a very British attempt at a hip hop song.

Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble is a bit of a nonsense song, the lyrics don’t make much sense and those that do are corny, but the beat of the song and how catchy the chorus is you can’t help but dance. I just love this song a lot, it’s pure 90’s nostalgia for me.

Originally released in 1994 by PJ & Duncan aka Ant and Dec (the guy’s real names are Ant & Dec but they used their characters names from the show Byker Grove when they attempted to have a music career after leaving the show) it reached number 18 in the UK charts. But! When the duo performed the song on their show Saturday Night Takeaway in 2013, it only went and reached the number one spot! I remember watching the show and I cheering and clapping when the music started because it was so unexpected and so much fun seeing these guys perform their best-known song after about 15 years. They’re entertainment presenters now and have left their attempt at a music career far behind them so seeing them “rap” was very funny.

The video below is of that performance in 2013 because it puts a smile on my face every time I see it, but if you fancy seeing the original music video it’s here.


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