O is for The Other Side from The Greatest Showman

I adore The Greatest Showman and all its songs. It’s such a feel-good film (I know it seriously glosses over the fact that P.T. Barnum wasn’t a good guy) and I was dancing in my seat in the cinema by the end of it.

I like all of the songs – This is Me is a worthy Oscar nominee – but my favourite song from the film is The Other Side. I think the reason I love it so much is because it feels like a proper musical song. While some of the other songs from the film feel like an interlude, The Other Side actually moves the plot of the film forward and you get an insight into these two characters.

You have Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron singing together, with Jackman trying to convince Efron to join his circus and Efron saying he’s fine as he is. The scene in the film is brilliant as the two of them dance around a bar together with the choreography being some of the best in the film.

I was impressed with myself when I learnt all the words to The Other Side because some of it is a bit of a tongue twister. It’s a really fun, fast-paced song that I can’t help but tap my foot along to. I also enjoy belting out the chorus at the top of my lungs!

I can’t wait till The Greatest Showman is out on DVD so I can watch it repeatedly – this song and the dance that accompanies it will be a part a watch over and over.


  1. Elena,

    I’m doing a little exploring on the A2Z Master list. Mewsic is one of my loves but then doesn’t everyone love it? I did not know about The Greatest Showman flick or soundtrack but I really liked the mewsic you shared. It really puts the groove in my move. 😉 Anywho, I’m not sure if you’ve connected with me on the dance floor on Monday’s Music Moves Me but if not then I welcome you to boogie with me and my fellow co-hosts. Meanwhile, you’re invited to check out my daily A2Z iPad Art Sketch of a big-eyed OWL. Whenever you stop by you’ll find my recent posts and if you look for Monday’s then you’ll have an idea about our Monday Mewsic extraordinaire hop. 🙂 TTFN!!

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