F is for Frigga

There are a lot of great characters in the Thor films, and the Thor films generally have more female characters than most MCU films, but Frigga stands out to me. That is due to Frigga being one of those quietly badass characters that deserved better.

I really like her relationship with both of her sons because, unlike her husband, it’s clear she loves them both equally and it’s obvious that she has influenced them both as they’ve grown up. The similarities are more obvious with Loki. He practices magic and illusions like Frigga, and they fight in a similar way too, but over the course of the films you see that Thor is kind, thoughtful and understanding much like his mother.

Frigga is kind-hearted, fair and wise. She’s a skilled fighter and diplomat and unlike her husband, she’s ready to forgive her sons for their misdeeds and wants to be able to help them. While in the films, she’s very much given the mother-role, I liked the moments where you could see Frigga talk with Sif or other Asgardians and get to see who she is outside of her relationships with her sons or husband.


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