R is for James “Rhodey” Rhodes

I don’t even really know where to start to explain why I think Rhodey is so great.

Rhodey’s committed and disciplined, being a Colonel in the Air Force will do that, but he’s also been known to bend the rules, question orders and make his own decisions about things. Rhodey’s smart; he’s a great tactician, marksman and pilot, and he can not only fight well when he’s in the War Machine armour, but when he’s out of it as well.

He’s incredibly loyal. Even though he and Tony were having a huge falling out in Iron Man 2 and Rhodey took one of the suits, he still listened to Tony and fought by his side once he realised his mistake. And even before he took the suit, Rhodey could see there was something wrong with Tony and was worried about him, but Tony just pushed him away.

I love Rhodey’s sense of humour and how he just rolls with the weird stuff that frequently happens around him. His reaction to Vision appearing in Age of Ultron was the best. I’m pretty sure that Rhodey is used to weird and dangerous things, not only because he’s a military man but because he’s been friends with Tony since they were at MIT together. Tony Stark attracts weird.


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