My TBR: 2020 Edition

It has been a long time since I’ve done this, almost five years in fact. I last shared all the physical books on my TBR in January 2016, the time before that was April 2014 – so really this is long overdue. Please don’t go and compare my TBR now to my TBR in 2016 or 2014 as I’m sure there’s going to be books here that were on my previous TBR’s and that’s just embarrassing.

This time I’m going to share the physical and digital books, whether that’s on audio or my kindle, I have in my possession. I have to say earlier this year I did go through my bookshelves and unhauled over twenty books so this TBR could’ve been worse! Though I’ve also had my birthday since then and was gifted more books, so it probably evens out.

Before I start I just wanted to flag I’ve currently got a giveaway of boxes of bookish stuff happening on my Twitter, it closes on 22 November so check it out if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

This list is split into four sections; audiobooks, books I have with me in my flat, kindle books, and books that are at my mum’s place. I do not have room for all my books, so my mum is kind enough for me to keep the majority with her. Every now and then I take the books I’ve read but want to keep to hers and then pick up more books I’ve yet to read to bring back with me.

Any books with an asterisk * symbol are books for my Read the World Project.

I do get audiobooks from my library, either via RBdigital or BorrowBox, but these three are via Audible as I do sometimes get a subscription/extra tokens if there’s a good deal on and then stock up there.
The Old Drift by Namwali Serpell* – I’m currently reading this
Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch
The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

In my flat:
Fun fact, I have no bookshelves in my room (it’s a flat share) so I have all my books stacked in my wardrobe and then a little TBR organiser from Miss Bohemia. These are the books I’m most likely to read and review next.
Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen
Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin
Infinity Son by Adam Silvera
The Ultimate Tragedy by Addulai Sila*
Loveless by Alice Oseman
Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Shepherd of Solitude by Amjad Nasser*
The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan
Palestine +100 edited by Basma Ghalayini*
The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock
Child Soldier by China Keitetsi*
The Secret Fire by CJ Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld
The Madwoman of Serrano by Dina Salustio*
What Would Boudicca Do? by E. Foley and B. Coates
Angel Mage by Garth Nix
One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus
Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn
The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden
The Grace Year by Kim Liggett
The Gloaming by Kirsty Logan
Common People edited by Kit de Waal
Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London by Lauren Elkin
Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl
Black Widow: Red Vengeance by Margaret Stohl
To Best the Boys by Mary Webber
The Sisters Grimm by Meen van Praag
Descendants: Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
Descendants: Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
Descendants: Rise of the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
Descendants: Escape from the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
The Ladies Upstairs by Merle Collins*
After the Crash by Michel Bussi
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman
The Good Girls by Sara Shepard – currently reading this
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone by Saša Stanišić*
Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and other lies curated by Scarlett Curtis
An African in Greenland by Tété-Michel Kpomassie*
Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

Now, besides the Read the World Project books, my kindle books really aren’t a priority for me. It’s my physical TBR I’d like to get down to a manageable level one day. Still, I thought I’d share what I had unread on my kindle in case anyone was interested.
The Budapest Protocol by Adam Lebor
Area 51 by Bob Mayer
The Lie by C.L. Taylor
Scarlet Odyssey by C.T. Rwizi
A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne
Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary Wolf
Where She Went by Gayle Forman
Brilliance by Marcus Sakey
Beyond the Rice Fields by Naivo*
Mama Hissa’s Mice by Saud Alsanousi*

At my mum’s place:
Generally speaking, these are the books I’d like to get to one day. This is where a lot of my unread classics live, or books in the latter half of a series where I’ll probably need to reread the previous books as it’s been so long since I’ve read them but I do still want to finish/continue the series.
Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz
Black Panther: Complete Collection Vol. 3 by Christopher Priest, J. Torres, Sal Velluto, Jorge Lucas, – Ryan Bodenheim, Jon Bogdanove, John Buscema and Paolo Rivera (I actually bought this volume years ago like an idiot not realising it was the third one. I’ve since read the first volume but still need to get my hands on a copy of the second volume before I can actually read this)
Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva
Last Man Standing by David Baldacci
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer
The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers
The Collegians by Gerald Griffin
Burn the Sky by Gilly MacMillan
Wylder’s Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin (This book is an example of where I want to reread the first two books in this trilogy before getting to the final one as it’s been so long since I’ve read this series)
Sekret by Lindsay Smith
The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd
Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Always Looking Up by Michael J Fox
Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class
Truth or Dare by Non Pratt
Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
Bulldog Drummond by Sapper
Movie Geek by Simon Brew
The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead
The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper
Fractured by Teri Terry
Shattered by Teri Terry
A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab
Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

In total I have 82 books on my TBR: 3 on audio, 10 on kindle, and 69 physical books. I’m currently reading two of those, one physical and one audio, so really it’s 80 books I’ve yet to pick up. Though that could be considered a lie as I think there’s at least a handful of books here I’ve attempted to read and then put down because I couldn’t get into them for whatever reason – I do plan to go back to them though!

Now you all know I like a chart so here’s a couple. The first is a breakdown of the authors gender on my TBR – as you can see it’s pretty much an even split.

And the second is the genres on my TBR, they are quite broad genres to be honest as I haven’t edited my spreadsheets recently.

So 80ish books on my TBR. How many books are on your TBR? Do you do unhauls every now and then or is your collection just continuously growing? Do you keep track of your unread books? I have a couple of spreadsheets and Google docs which are helpful – one of which I got from Brock Roberts at Let’s Read on YouTube.

And, if you’ve got this far, please do let me know if there’s any books on my TBR you’ve read and enjoyed – it just might make me get to it quicker!


  1. Great list and impressed you keep track of all formats – I know how many unread physical books I have but not a clue what’s on my kindle, I don’t think it’s TOO bad though 🙂 I only tend to read ebooks when I’m travelling or if it’s much cheaper than the physical book.

    My physical TBR usually sits around the 30 mark, though I put in a big effort to reduce it this year to see how I liked just having 5 or so books to hand, with the idea that I would then buy a book and read it almost immediately. Was all well and good until the library shut for six months because of Covid! I read a lot from the library and I think a really small TBR would only work for me in conjunction with library access, so maybe an experiment for another year!

    From your TBR I read An African in Greenland this year and it was really interesting, definitely recommended. Also Lady Audley’s Secret is one of my favourite books of all-time, so much fun!

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