C is for Clare Devlin

I watched Derry Girls for the first time earlier this year and it’s a delight. The titular Derry Girls are all very different and great in their own ways, but my favourite was Clare.

Clare is super smart and academic achievement is pretty much the most important thing to her. She’s a great friend but she’s such a wuss when it comes to authority and doing anything wrong that she will automatically grass just about anyone up to save her own skin. It leads to a lot of hilarious scenes because she’s far less confident and more anxious than her friends. She’s the one worrying about everything when she and her friends end up in some sort of escapade.

How Clare came out as “the wee lesbian” was simultaneously lovely, funny and a bit awkward. While some of her friends took some time to figure out how they felt about it (it’s the 90s and some of them are a bit self-centred) they soon were all pretty supportive and all of them started wearing rainbow pins which was a nice touch.


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