G is for Garrett McNeill

Superstore is a show that I only started watching this year after five seasons were added to Netflix. I’ve only just started season five and hope to get through it soon as the sixth and final season is coming to UK TV later this month, so I want to be all caught up.

There are a lot of great characters on this show that I really like, and a lot of them grew on me as I made my way through the seasons, but one that I liked very quickly was Garrett.

Garrett is sarcastic and brutally honest and sometimes it’s a little hard to tell if he actually likes his co-workers because of how often he plays pranks on them but when there’s that moment where he does admit he considers someone his friend, it’s all the more impactful because of what came before it.

I think Garrett is one of the most truthful representations of a shop worker out of the whole cast of characters. He does the bare minimum of what needs to be done in order to not be fired. He doesn’t love his job, it is just a job, something to pay the bills and while he mostly likes his co-workers, he’s not overkeen on spending a load of time with them outside of the store. All of which is very relatable in my opinion – I worked in a shop when I was a teenager and dealing with customers is often a thankless task.

One of my favourite things about Superstore is how a lot of the characters do develop but still keep their core personality. Garrett can be a horrible person who lies and puts blame on other people for his mistakes, but then he can also do things for others when he sees something truly matters to them. He’s funny and honest and will tell people what they need to hear, even when they don’t like it. Garrett’s quite charismatic though so it doesn’t always sound as awful as it could.


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