U is for Uma

I watched the Descendants trilogy for the first-time last year and absolutely loved them and became somewhat obsessed with all the songs and I even bought the books though I’ve yet to read them. I think all the characters are pretty great but there’s something especially fun about Uma.

Uma is the daughter of Ursula and the Captain of her crew of pirates which include the sons of Captain Hook and Gaston. Uma is calculating and resourceful and will go to extreme lengths to get what she wants – including kidnap and manipulation. But Uma isn’t self-serving, what she wants is a better life for her, her crew and the rest of the kids on the Isle of the Lost.

Uma is incredibly loyal to her friends and crew, she’s smart, capable and good at problem-solving. I like how devious she can be and even when she has to reluctantly work we her former nemesis, you never really know how long that truce will last.

I also really like Uma’s personality. She can be stubborn, mean and arrogant, but she’s also funny, sarcastic and caring. She has layers and her dynamics with various characters are a lot of fun, especially Harry Hook.

Uma also has some of the best songs in the trilogy.

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