READ THE WORLD – Maldives: Dreams of My Heart by Aminath Neena

A poetry collection with themes of love, relationships, and spirituality.

Just to start/forewarn anyone who wants to get a copy of Dreams of My Heart, I got the ebook and for whatever reason I couldn’t read it on my kindle. So many pages of it were blank so there was only the odd poem every dozen pages or so, but when I tried it on the kindle app on my phone, it read fine and all pages were visible with text on them. So that was weird.

Anyway, onto the poems themselves. There was a lot of poems in this collection and the vast majority were only a page long. There were different poetry styles used throughout, some rhymed, some didn’t and those that did rhyme did so in different conventions. The formatting of the poems on the page was also varied.

I have to say this wasn’t particularly a collection where any poems stood out to me. Perhaps that’s because they were so short and there was so many of them that reading the collection in one sitting meant that a lot of them blurred into each other. Especially as the themes were quite similar throughout and it wasn’t a collection that was broken into sections or anything.

One poem is worth a mention though and that’s “Blank Verse”. It’s like the poem is the narrative voice and it’s talking about all the various conventions that make a poem a poem and how poems can be effective. It was interesting and not something I’d really seen before in poetry – though I’m by no means a poetry connoisseur.


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