READ THE WORLD – San Marino: “He, I Say, He” by Roberto Monti

Translated from the Italian by Ariel Zambenedetti.

Once again, as the end is in sight of my Read the World Project the smaller countries are proving to be difficult. Roberto Monti and his short story I found via Google and I’m thankful Culture Trip for sharing this story online and including footnotes that explain some of the context to the short story and the translating process.

I find writing a “review” of one very short, short story pretty hard to be honest. “He, I Say, He” is really the soliloquy of a down and out musician which leads to musings on bankruptcy and comic book cowboys.

I did like how the short story flowed. It often feels like a stream of consciousness as the narrator goes from one topic to another, sometimes with seemingly little connections between the two. I’m a big fan of stream of consciousness prose as I feel like it’s a great way to be inside a character’s head and to see the weird connections they make between random thoughts and feelings.

You can read Roberto Monti’s short story online.

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