L is for Love

This is one of the last letters I thought of what the post could be on as there was no character names or episode titles that began with “L” that I felt super strongly about. When it finally came to me, it felt so obvious and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it early – love. Doctor Who as a show and the Doctor as a character is all about love.

The Doctor has so much love for humanity, and for people in general no matter what planet or solar system they’re from. The Doctor can’t stand to see a crying child and will do whatever they can to help people. The Doctor has so much love that at times they try and shut themselves off from their friends and companions in order to try and protect themselves but those pesky humans still find a way to make their way into their hearts.

Also the people that travel with the Doctor tend to be kind, loving people too. Martha Jones is a doctor and Rory Williams is a nurse, with the medical field being one of the most selfless careers, Rose Tyler always asked peoples names and even checked in on the Ood to see if they were getting paid for their work, Clara Oswald cared about her students, and there’s so many other instances where companions stuck up for the normal, everyday person and often made the Doctor listen and help because they cared and loved and wanted to help people.

I love the different types of love there is in Doctor Who across the series. There’s romantic love (Amy and Rory, River Song and the Doctor, Rose and the Doctor – which is still my OTP), familial love (Rose and Jackie Tyler, Martha and all of her family, Graham and Ryan), and platonic love (Donna Noble and Martha Jones, Bill Potts and the Doctor).

Sidenote: there needs to be an update version of this video that includes Thirteen – even though she didn’t give that many hugs – but this is the best I could find.

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