M is for Wilfred Mott

Wilfred “Wilf” Mott is just a wonderful character, played with so much warmth by the late, great Bernard Cribbins. He is kind, caring, funny, and has a strong sense of duty and clearly loves his daughter Sylvia and granddaughter Donna a lot.

The familial dynamics between the three of them are all very true to life as they sometimes get frustrated with each other but they still love on another. I love how Wilf listens to Donna and encourages her to follow her dreams and the Doctor, wanting the best for her while still being there to welcome her home with a huge hug. Compared to some other family members of companions, Wilf is very encouraging of Donna traveling with the Doctor, even if it can be dangerous. His little speech to Donna is just wonderful, “And you go with him, that wonderful Doctor. You go and see the stars… Then, bring a bit of them back for your old Gramps.” Wilf is probably the best TV grandfather I’ve ever seen, and is the kind of character I’d love to be real and to have in my life.

I love Wilf’s can-do attitude and how he’s almost relentlessly positive at times. He recruits his fellow pensioners to go search for the Doctor, he convinces some aliens to help him rescue the Doctor, and he is incredibly selfless, willing to die for a stranger. Wilf is the kind of supporting character I was always happy to see, no matter for how short a time so the fact he became an official companion at the end of David Tennant’s tenue as the Doctor was brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing him again in the 60th anniversary specials but I’m sure it will be a bittersweet feeling.

In my post for “The End of Time” I mentioned the scenes between Wilf and the Doctor and how they all made me cry so I have to share the one where not only does the Doctor say he’d be proud if Wilf was his dad, but Wilf also begs the Doctor to not die. It gets me every time.


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