P is for Bill Potts

I adored Bill Potts from her very first episode, so naturally I was worried that something terrible would end up happening to her as I knew she wasn’t in Jodie Whittaker’s series. I won’t go into spoilers but her last few episodes certainly did break my heart and (before things get kind of weird but better for her) I thought it was the most tragic things to happen to a companion since Donna Noble’s fate.

Bill was like a breath of fresh air after Clara Oswald (who I never really liked) and I loved Bill’s relationship with the Doctor as it felt so different to his and Clara’s dynamic. They are like a grumpy professor and an inquisitive student and it really works. I love the kind of questions Bill has for the Doctor. Like, how she wonders why the name of the TARDIS works in English when it and the Doctor are from a different planet and would therefore have a different language. She just see’s things in a different way and sometimes it really throws the Doctor for a loop which is always fun. Side note: the Doctor going back in time to take photos of Bill’s mum so she could have photos of her and see what she looks like was one of the sweetest things the Doctor has ever done.

Bill Potts is amazing because even though she cares for the Doctor a lot and knows how brilliant he is, when she thought he had turned on the people of Earth and was working for the enemy she legit pulls a gun on the Doctor and shoots him! She was willing to kill her friend in order to save the world and while companions have put their own lives on the line before, I don’t think I’d seen one put the whole of humanity above what they think of and feel for the Doctor before.

Bill is thoughtful and observant but isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and to just unapologetically be herself. Her standing up to sexist and/or racist people was always great. She’s bold, brave and thoughtful and I would’ve loved to have had another series with her in the TARDIS. Also, on a purely aesthetic level, I adore Bill’s style and outfits. She just looks fab in every episode.

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