Q is for Queens

Q was a bit of a hard letter to find something Doctor Who-related for and then I remembered the various historical figures and the many Queens that the Doctor has met. Here’s a few of the more memorable ones.

Queen Elizabeth I – “The Day of the Doctor”
Elizabeth I is referenced a lot in Doctor Who and from those references you think that her and the Tenth Doctor must have a history long before we actually meet her properly. She has a prominent role in “The Day of the Doctor” aka the 50th anniversary special and in fact she and the Tenth Doctor get married and their wedding is attended by Clara Oswald, the Eleventh Doctor and the War Doctor – multiple Doctors in one place, it’s very confusing and timey-wimey. I quite like how Elizabeth I was so smart and capable and while she was infatuated with the Doctor, it didn’t stop her being a good leader and someone her soldiers listened to.

Queen Elizabeth X – “The Beast Below” and “The Pandorica Opens”
Liz Ten’s story is a bit bleak as she’s unknowingly stuck in a loop, living the same ten years over and over again as when she wipes her own memory after finding out a horrible truth. She’s actually a lot older than she looks. The Doctor and Amy met her in the 29th century and when River Song meets her in the 52nd century, she’s still alive and protecting the Royal Art Collection, even though she must’ve been at least 2,150 years old. Liz Ten is a lot of fun though, she’s charming, confident and brave and will do anything to protect her people. I liked how she wears a mask to be able to investigate what’s happening in her nation without her people noticing her too.

Queen Nefertiti – “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”
“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” is such a fun episode. It features Queen Nefertiti who is one of the eclectic mix of people the Doctor recruits to stop a spaceship from crashing into Earth. Nefertiti is wonderfully regal and effortlessly cool and I love how she puts other people, mostly the misogynistic men she meets, in their place. Nefertiti is brave and is willing to sacrifice herself for her newfound allies and how she interacts with the others who are from different times to her is interesting.


  1. It was fun seeing why Queen Elizabeth I had that reaction to the Doctor after the Shakespeare Code episode!

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