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13238883_10154226888704314_6152979986821972371_nHello there! The name’s Elena and I’m a twenty-something film fan, reader and lover of superheroes. Here you’ll find film and book reviews as well as the odd discussion about reading and films that are in production. I’ve started reading more comics and graphic novels so expect reviews of them too. This isn’t a particularly structured blog in terms of what you’ll find here really – there’s also anecdotes about my life and the odd thought on sports, namely football and my love of Spain’s National Team.

I like to keep count of both the films I watch and the books I read throughout the year. So click here to find my book lists and here to get my film lists. I’ve got the reading bug again and I always like watching films!

And finally – where to stalk me on the internet:

Bloglovin’ – For another way to follow my blog posts.
Twitter – For ramblings on my life, what film news is getting me in a flap and reviews in 140 characters or less.
Instagram – For photos from my life – which is mostly books, travel and my friends dog.
Goodreads – For checking out what books I’m reading.
Letterboxd – For checking out what films I’m watching.

If you ever want to contact me about review opportunities or anything else then you can email me at elenasquareeyes@gmail.com. I may not review everything I am asked to but that is life and other commitments for you.

I’ve been nominated for some blogging awards which I was very surprised about and immensely grateful for. You can click on the images to get to the posts where I talk about the award and nominate other great people who you should check out.

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  1. You probably know the expression “jumped the shark”? TV is hard to do well. At some point the staff runs out of fresh ideas, and shows drop in quality. There’s usually a ramp-down period where they air a season or two of episodes that diminish in quality, because there’s still an audience and money to be made. There are a few notable exceptions, like “The Prisoner” in 1968, and “Breaking Bad”, where everyone was committed from ep.1 to do a series as if it was a miniseries, so many events and out.

    The big change in “Doctor Who” was going from the guy who rebooted the show in 2005, writer-director Russell T Davies, to the current showrunner, Steven Moffat. Moffat is a powerhouse writer, a brilliant storyteller, but it’s not exactly the same thing as being a great boss. Davies ran the show until Matt Smith became the doctor. He left The Doctor gradually to create and run “Torchwood”, and all those related series, as well as “The Sara Jane Adventures”.

    BTW, I looked over your film lists. I think you might enjoy learning more about CLASSIC films. You’ve got very few on your lists. There are thousands of (sorry) old movies that are worlds ahead of what you’ve been spending time watching in every way – dialogue, music, cinematography, acting etc. Since you’re a bit OCD about it, I recommend going to your local PUBLIC LIBRARY. They will have a pre-screened DVD collection of the best movies, and most libraries loan them out FREE!

    1. Yeah I’ve come to realise that while I enjoyed Moffat’s episode’s during RTD’s era as a head writer I’m not a fan of where he’s taken the show. I always enjoyed both The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood (although I didn’t like the last season of Torchwood as much) so it must mean I like RTD writing more than Moffats.

      Haha! Yes I have been intending to take advantage of my University’s DVD collection but often I need the 15 check outs on my library card for books rather than films – unfortuantly! I definitely want to watch more classics though.

    1. Hey! Aww! Thank you very much! 🙂
      I got nominated the other week but haven’t had time to answer the questions and nominate other people so I’m gonna put all my questions and answers in one post soon.
      Thanks again 🙂

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