J is for Jim Paxton

OK so why did I choose Jim Paxton for the letter J when there’s characters like JARVIS, James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Jane Foster? They’re all great but I find Jim Paxton just really interesting and a character that subverts the usual sterotypes.

He’s set up kind of like an antagonist in Ant-Man but he’s never downright horrible to Scott. He’s Scott’s ex-wife’s fiancé but there’s no competition between the two men over Maggie’s affections. Instead, Paxton is rightly wary as he doesn’t want Maggie or Cassie to get hurt if Scott goes back to his criminal ways. He’s a detective so he has to do his job when Scott gets caught burgling Pym’s house, but he’s still disappointed in him. Over the course of the film though, Paxton see’s that Scott can be a hero too and he directly puts himself in harms way to protect Cassie from Yellowjacket.

Then in Ant-Man and the Wasp it takes it a step further and Paxton now cares about Scott just as much as Maggie and Cassie do. And he, Scott and Maggie are a team who are together raising Cassie and again, there’s no competitiveness or nastiness to be found. I think having this kind of family on screen is so important.

Paxton is a great minor character. He’s charming, caring, a good cop and a good stepdad. He looks out for his family and he will speak his mind. I just love the whole Lang-Paxton family and think they’re one of the most functional and well-adjusted families in the entire MCU.

If I’m being honest, there could’ve been way more characters from the Ant-Man films featured in this A-Z of My Favourite Characters in the MCU because there really are some great, fun and interesting characters in those two films. After this post there will be one more Ant-Man character featured, can you guess who it’ll be?


I is for Ivan Vanko

OK I’ll be honest, Ivan Vanko isn’t a favourite character of mine (though I find him quite a fun character) I just literally couldn’t think of another character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whose first, last or code name began with the letter “I”. I googled it and everything.

I do think Ivan Vako makes one of the best villain introductions in the MCU. How he invades the racetrack at the Monaco Grand Prix, cutting up cars and causing multiple explosions with his arc reactor-powered electric whips definitely makes an impression.

I also like how Vanko takes none of Justin Hammer’s nonsense. When Hammer breaks him out of prison and plans to use his knowledge of arc reactor technology to make him rich, Vanko appears to go along with it when in actual fact he’s got his own plans. I love it when he just rips apart Hammer’s robots as he thinks they’re useless and totally ignores Hammer’s freak-outs and then just demands that he get him his pet bird.

My favourite line of Vanko’s is “If you can make God bleed, the people will cease to believe in him.” It’s from when he’s talking to Tony Stark and how he plans to show the world that the Great Tony Stark isn’t infallible. I think it’s a great line that has even more meaning now as in Infinity War Tony did manage to make Thanos bleed (in fact he was the only one except Thor to do so) so there’s the idea that Thanos isn’t undefeatable either.

Iron Man 2 gets some hate, but I think it’s a fun film with a fun villain that has a larger than life personality as he’s out for revenge.

H is for Happy Hogan

I shan’t beat around the bush; the Iron Man films are some of my favourite in the MCU and I adore the core four/the original Team Iron Man/the Iron Man fam meaning Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Happy Hogan. Spoiler alert for the rest of the month – there’s a good chance that all four of those characters will be featured as a part of my favourite MCU characters theme.

But today is Happy Hogan’s day! Now why do I like Happy so much? Well generally speaking I tend to have a soft spot for secondary characters which he falls into, but I also think he’s great because he’s one of the few people that gets to see who the real Tony Stark is and that’s because Tony trusts him.

Happy starts out as Tony’s bodyguard/chauffeur but as Tony becomes Iron Man and doesn’t really need either of those things, Happy becomes Pepper’s bodyguard and the Head of Security at Stark Industries. Along the way he also becomes a friend to Tony and someone who helps Tony out, putting himself at risk to do so. I mean he drove a Rolls-Royce the wrong way down a Grand Prix racetrack to get Tony’s suitcase armour to him, and he was nearly blown up trying to find information for Tony in Iron Man 3.

Happy is always eager to help his boss/friend and he’s very loyal to not only Tony but Tony’s best interests which can mean leaving Tony to help look after Pepper and Stark Industries. Happy is trusted enough to be Tony’s liaison to Peter Parker, even though he finds Peter more annoying than anything else, and when he makes mistakes or misjudges someone, he’ll admit it and apologise.

I am very excited about Avengers: Endgame and I’m doing my best to avoid all spoilers, trailers and clips but I did see all the character posters and was really surprised yet happy (heh) that it looks like the original Team Iron Man are all going to be alive and be able to reunite!

G is for Goose

*Vague spoilers for Captain Marvel*

I’m more of a dog person than a cat person but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a cat – or in this case should it be flerken?

Goose is a cute cat and is a pretty friendly and loyal one too. Though it has been known that Goose can change their opinion on someone quickly and seems to have mood swings now and then.

I think having an alien cat be a main character in a superhero movie is a bold but ingenious move. They’re unpredictable and can lead to many cute and/or comedic moments and the cat actors did a great job of giving Goose such a big personality.

I like Goose’s attitude a lot. He’s a pretty chill cat but he’s also kind of an unexpected badass and will totally save the day – if he feels like it that is. I also liked how he was with Fury, how Fury was clearly besotted but Goose only put up with so much before he got annoyed. I also really like the idea of an alien cat just wandering around SHIELD and eating people who annoy him/hurt the few humans it likes.

I want there to be more animals in the MCU. Give me Lucky the Labrador living with the Barton clan please!

F is for Frigga

There are a lot of great characters in the Thor films, and the Thor films generally have more female characters than most MCU films, but Frigga stands out to me. That is due to Frigga being one of those quietly badass characters that deserved better.

I really like her relationship with both of her sons because, unlike her husband, it’s clear she loves them both equally and it’s obvious that she has influenced them both as they’ve grown up. The similarities are more obvious with Loki. He practices magic and illusions like Frigga, and they fight in a similar way too, but over the course of the films you see that Thor is kind, thoughtful and understanding much like his mother.

Frigga is kind-hearted, fair and wise. She’s a skilled fighter and diplomat and unlike her husband, she’s ready to forgive her sons for their misdeeds and wants to be able to help them. While in the films, she’s very much given the mother-role, I liked the moments where you could see Frigga talk with Sif or other Asgardians and get to see who she is outside of her relationships with her sons or husband.

E is for Erik “Killmonger” Stevens

Black Panther is a pretty incredible film and one of the reasons it stood out was because of its villain.

Killmonger is such an interesting villain because you could understand where he was coming from. Killmonger’s motives came from hearing about how amazing and almost utopian Wakanda is, while he was living in an unjust society. He experienced violence as a child, he was abandoned by Wakanda and his family there, meaning that he grew up in America and saw the violence and bigotry that black people faced every day there while knowing there was somewhere that could help them.

Killmonger fought in wars, was an elite soldier and was a murderer. So, he definitely wasn’t some you’d want to lead a country but his idea of levelling the playing field (as he saw it anyway) was understandable if misguided.

Many people came out of the film saying that Killmonger was right, but let’s be real – Nakia was the one who had the right idea when it came to Wakanda no longer being an isolated nation and using their resources to help people around the world.

Besides his motives, another thing I really liked about Killmonger was his attitude. He has so much confidence and swagger. The way he baits the museum curator and says right to her face that he’s going to take the artefacts and not pay for them because that’s exactly how her ancestors did it gave me chills. You instantly knew this was a character that knew who he was and what he wanted. Plus because of his upbringing, he was so different to T’Challa and the people of Wakanda which made him unpredictable and dangerous but also very entertaining.

D is for Carol Danvers

*Vague spoilers for Captain Marvel will be in this post*

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is a new addition to my ever-growing list of favourite MCU characters, but I am very happy she’s there.

I think Carol and her story are so unique because it isn’t a typical heroes origin story. She already has these powers, but it is as she rediscovers who she is, how she’s been lied to and manipulated, that she fully embraces her strengths and power.

I loved it when she said she “has nothing to prove to you” to a guy that had been constantly telling her that her emotions made her weak and she didn’t need them. Carol’s pure joy when she flies and fights with her powers at full blast put a huge smile on my face. She deserved to feel that powerful after being told for so long she was lesser than.

The scene where she takes how being human is supposedly a sign of weakness and shows that being human, and in some way being a woman especially, means that you get up after you get knocked down and you don’t give up.

Carol is sassy and kind and loyal and brave. She’s someone who greatly values friendship and she’s willing to learn from her mistakes and will try and make things right. She is just so cool and badass and I can’t wait to see her with the other Avengers and I hope she’s been having many awesome adventures across the universe.