A to Z in April 2023

The Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2023 Edition

It’s fast approaching that time of year again! And this year is a huge milestone for me and this blog. This April will be the tenth year of me doing the A-Z in April Challenge. Ten years! The challenge is to post on your blog every day in April except Sundays – though this year is a bit different. Not including Sundays, there are (usually) twenty-six days in April which matches with the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. That means on 1st April you write something beginning with the letter A, on the 2nd something beginning with the letter B and so on and so forth. This year though the Z post will be on the last day of the month which is a Sunday.

This year it’s a completely new theme, though it’s not something completely foreign to my blog. Last year I re/watched all of New Doctor Who, from Christopher Eccleston to Jodie Whittaker. I say re/watched as I’d seen Nine and Ten’s eras multiple times, I’d watched most of Eleven’s but kind of stopped watching when the Ponds left, then completely missed Twelve’s era, and only started watching the show again properly halfway through Thirteen’s era. So, it was a case of revisiting characters and stories I loved and had a lot of nostalgia for, and watching things for the first time.

So, as I was spending six months watching Doctor Who, I couldn’t help but think ahead to this challenge and start making notes as to what characters, episodes, and themes could fit this challenge. That means April on here is going to be everything Doctor Who. It’s been fun picking out episodes that I have a lot to say about or having the space to gush about characters that I’m five or more years late to meeting. This is probably the year I have been most prepared ever as I had already noted down what each post/letter would be by the end of 2022 and started writing and scheduling posts in January!

There’s still time to sign up for the A to Z in April Challenge. I do recommend it; it definitely makes you stretch yourself to think of something for every letter and it encourages you to be organised – something I’m always trying to be better at when it comes to my blog.