Aaron Livesy

TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: My Favourite Posts

Top 5 Wednesday is a great feature created by GingerReadsLainey and hosted by ThoughtsonTomes. To find out more about Top 5 Wednesday and the upcoming topics, check out its Goodreads page. This week it’s a bit different and it is time to showcase some of your favourite posts you’ve ever done. It could be a review, a photo on Instagram, a discussion post, anything! So without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite posts that have graced this blog.

Ten Songs I Wish Were Books
This post was for Top Ten Tuesday and I like it so much because I got to share my eclectic taste in music. Plus, I love imagining plot lines while listening to music so it was like my two favourite things at once.

My Wrap Up post for the London Bookshop Crawl
On a Saturday in February I spent the day in London meeting a lot of lovely bookish people and we travelled around the city going to different bookshops. I really enjoyed writing my post about that day, sharing what happened and what books I ended up buying. It definitely is my favourite book-related posts.

My post all about Aaron Livesy in the A-Z in April Challenge
I took part in the A-Z in April Challenge this year and this time it was all about my favourite characters. My favourite post from that month of blogging was the one all about Aaron Livesy, a character from a British soap opera. He is honestly one of my favourite characters ever so it was great to spend a whole post talking about him and sharing why I though he was so great.

My post on Why Hogwarts Houses Are Important to People
While I’m still not sure I managed to make myself clear about what I meant in all of the post, I did enjoy writing it. A lot of people identify with various Hogwarts House and nowadays it’s used as a shorthand to say what sort of person they are so when quizzes like Pottermore put you in a different House to the one you’re used to, it can be a shock and make you question how you see your personality.

The Bookish Unpopular Opinions Tag
I don’t often do tag posts, usually because I forget to do them, but this one I knew I had to do. Obviously unpopular opinions can be controversial but no one seemed to get angry about mine which was nice and it was great to have an outlet to say “actually I don’t agree with the majority of the bookish community on that one”

It’s been nice looking back through my blog and seeing what posts I really do like and want to shout about. What are some your favourite posts?

L is for Aaron Livesy

aaron livesyTo say Aaron Livesy has had a tough life would be an understatement. His dad sexually abused him when he was a child, he tried to kill himself because he was gay and he helped his paraplegic boyfriend commit suicide which then caused him to self-harm because he couldn’t handle the guilt.

This quote from Doctor Who, “All that pain and misery. And loneliness. And it just made him kind” is the perfect way to describe Aaron Livesy. All that stuff has happened to him but he is still the most kind, loving and selfless person. Yes, he is closed off and sarcastic to a lot of people but if you are his family or someone he cares about he’ll do just about anything for them. For instance he said he was the one who committed arson and then went on the run to France, meaning he couldn’t return home for years when it was his best friend Adam who had done it. Aaron knew Adam couldn’t have coped in prison so he took the blame for him.

If we’re going with ways best to describe Aaron Livesy, another would be the cinnamon roll meme. Aaron would definitely fit in the “looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll” category. He is quite capable to look after himself in a fight and he has been in trouble with the law multiple times so he’s often seen to be your average thug but he’s so much more than that, he’s a secret softy with a big heart.

Aaron Livesy is one of my favourite characters because he’s so strong and brave and loyal. He has had such a tough life but he still manages to smile and find it in himself to love people. If Aaron Livesy can keep smiling, then so can I.

Side note: In the episode aired last night Aaron’s decided to change his name from Livesy (his abusive father’s name) to Dingle (his mum’s name) but I’d already written this post and I love him a ridiculous amount so he’ll stay Livesy for now so he can be a part of the challenge and I don’t have to worry about writing another post for a different “L” character.

Nine Characters You Identify With Meme

I’ve seen this meme a bit around Tumblr and I fancied doing it. As it says you just list nine characters that you identify with, you can explain why if you can or just list the characters. I’m just going to have a line about an aspect of each character that I identify with because when it comes to some of the characters I could talk for ages about how I identify with them and with some I identify with them in more than one way.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye – Marvel
– Pretends to be not as smart as he really is

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter
– A love of books

Evelyn Carnahan – The Mummy
– Has a thirst for knowledge and wants to be the best in her field

Jonathan Carnahan – The Mummy
– Doesn’t quite know how to be a proper adult

Riley Poole – National Treasure
– The loyal friend

Edmund Pevensie – The Chronicles of Narnia
– Doesn’t always feel like they fit in.

Mia Thermopolis – The Princess Diaries
– Can only really explain how she feels in writing

Darcy Lewis – Thor
– Has humour in the face of adversity

Aaron Livesy – Emmerdale
– Bottles things up till they explode in one way or another

The first four in this list came to me straight away while some of the others I had to think about for a bit. What characters do you identify with? Please let me know if you do this meme/tag thing, I think it’s a great insight into people’s personalities and how they see themselves.