Brittany Snow

REVIEW: Someone Great (2019)

When Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate (LaKeith Stanfield) break up after nine years, a week before she’s set to move across the country for work, she’s determine to enjoy one last NYC adventure with her two best friends Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow).

Someone Great is like a love letter to the friendship between women. Jenny, Erin and Blair have been best friends for years and the way they interact feels like such a real relationship. They’re at different points in their lives both in terms of work, romance, and responsibilities but they all have fears about growing up and how they might not have reached their goals. Erin is a lesbian and scared of commitment and putting labels on her relationship with Leah (Rebecca Naomi Jones), Blair is in a relationship with a guy who annoys her and Jenny has just got her dream job that she’s worked so hard for but getting the job is the catalyst for the end of her relationship. But no matter what is going on in their lives, they are there for one another to listen, to make each other laugh, and to try and make things better.

Besides the wonderful relationship between the women, the honest portrayal of romantic relationships is great too. Sometimes you grow apart and don’t love the other person, but you don’t hate them either. Other times it can hurt as you still love them, but you know you’ve grown up into a different person to the one you were when you got together. Relationships evolve and they don’t always work forever, and it can be heart-breaking but there can also be someone there to help you through it.

The trio of female leads have great chemistry but the chemistry between Rodriguez and Stanfield really stands out. The way their relationship is told through flashbacks, as Jenny hears songs that reminds her of different times, is great as you can see the ups and downs but it’s bittersweet as you also see how young and happy they were.

Someone Great is funny, sweet and touching as it shows the realities of growing up and growing apart. The soundtrack is fab and every element of it is balanced so well; the humour, the drama, the characters, the relationships – it all comes together in a surprisingly heart-breaking yet heart-warming romantic comedy with a twist. 5/5.

REVIEW: Bushwick (2017)

When Lucy (Brittany Snow) returns home to Bushwick, a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, from college she soon discovers an unknown military force has taken over the neighbourhood. She meets war veteran Stupe (Dave Bautista) and together they fight to make it one block at a time to safety.

The way Bushwick is filmed is really engaging and different to the usual action, shoot-’em-up type of film it is. Bushwick is mostly made up of a sequence of long, tracking shots that follow the main characters. Most of these happen on the streets and this adds to the sense of panic and insecurity as you as the viewer can only see as much as the characters, and sometimes even less than what they see. It increases the tension as gunfire can come from all directions, and it’s difficult to tell who is friendly and who is not.

Because Lucy and Stupe are almost constantly on the move, running across streets and taking shelter in buildings, the film never really lets up. It moves from one action, gun-filled sequence to the next, barely letting you or the characters have time to breathe. There are a couple of moments where Lucy and Stupe have a chance to actually talk to one another, one of which gives Bautista a great monologue.

When you learn more about the invading military force that’s terrorising the streets, it becomes clear Bushwick is a film for these times. It’s about a country that is in some ways divided, but in others is stronger together. There’s a great moment when you learn the invading force thought the neighbourhood would be an easy target because it is made up of a diverse group of people, but they underestimated them and these people who have different backgrounds are instead fighting side by side.

Bushwick is a fast-paced and thrilling action film. It offers some interesting commentary on modern day America which might be a bit on the nose, but the performances are generally good and the action is relentless. 4/5.