Cassie Lang

C is for Cassie Lang

Cassie is the best kid ever! I love her relationship with her mum, stepdad, and her dad – how the Ant-Man films show a functioning and healthy family with stepparents not competing with the biological parents is brilliant and something I’m pretty sure I’m going to talk about in another post later this month.

Anyway. Cassie is just great. She’s sweet, smart and loving. She’s funny, has a kind of weird sense of humour and totally rolls with the fact her dad is a superhero and she now has a giant ant as a pet.

I love how she wants to be her dad’s superhero partner and that’s something I could totally see happening in future MCU movies and I’m down with that happening. I think Cassie would make a great superhero, like her dad she’d probably have a lot of fun with it, but she’s also probably got a lot more common sense and end up being better at it than him.

I love Cassie a lot and I hope she does well and thrives in school and grows up to be even more capable and amazing, even if she doesn’t become a superhero.